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Monticello, FL

Funeral Homes and Cremation Services in Monticello, FL

Lifesong Funerals & Cremations provide comprehensive end-of-life services to the Monticello, FL area. For excellent funeral pre-planning services, please rely on us. We also provide the best in arranging funerals and memorial services. The funeral directors at Lifesong Funerals & Cremations are premier providers of funeral services, they have the utmost integrity and are proud to serve families and individuals of all backgrounds.

Pre-planning your funeral is an intelligent thing to do, as it allows you to make important decisions while in a calm and rational state of mind. There are several other financial and emotional benefits to making pre-arrangements. By making these choices for yourself, you save your family from having to guess at what you would have wanted. They are also spared the possibility of disagreements or arguments concerning your final arrangements. We will place your completed plan on file in our office for use at the time of need.

In addition, pre-planning allows you to remain in control of your end-of-life arrangements, able to display your personality, interests, hobbies, passions and lifestyle. You also are able to set the budget that you desire. Pre-funding your funeral prevents inflation from affecting the cost of your funeral. These funds are placed in a state-approved trust or top insurance company until required. After fully paying for your pre-plan, our prices are guaranteed- you will never be asked for more money for pre-paid merchandise, services or facilities. We offer a number of payment options, and you are likely to find one that suits your situation. Please initiate the online pre-planning process on our website to reduce anxiety about the future and achieve priceless peace of mind.

Funerals are opportunities to show our love for those closest to us and have become socially expected after the passing of a loved one. They celebrate the choices that your loved one made, the relationships they shared and provide the honor they deserve. When planning a funeral, it is important to take the time to recognize the uniqueness of the deceased, and to try to incorporate this individuality into their service. We will supplement your ideas with suggestions of our own.

A celebration of your loved one’s life can take place either before or after a cremation. We offer a package that caters to those who desire a traditional funeral, including a visitation prior to the service. For those who prefer to have a memorial service in honor of their loved one, we have a package to accommodate this need. Lastly, we offer direct cremation services for those who want to forgo any viewing or ceremony. Please note that grief experts say that a service or ceremony of some sort is essential to the healing process.