Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Chattahoochee, FL

Funeral Homes and Cremation Services in Chattahoochee, FL

Lifesong Funerals & Cremations provide a full range of final arrangements. In addition to traditional funerals, they provide pre-planning services, cremation packages and honor the veterans who so bravely served in the United States military. As leaders in the industry, the funeral directors of Lifesong Funerals & Cremations comply with strict standards in terms of service and integrity. They are available to the families of Chattahoochee, FL to provide them the guidance, support and information that they need during this most difficult time.  

To heal properly after the loss of a loved one, a funeral or memorial service is essential. A funeral is an event that allows survivors to express their condolences, receive emotional support, exchange memories of the deceased and pay their respects to the dead. Though less formal, a memorial service accomplishes these same things. We are skilled at creating memorial tribute videos and personalized bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards and folders. These can be parts of the service and used as permanent keepsakes. We also provide memorial websites that replace traditional newsprint obituaries. 

Our excellent reputation makes us the perfect source of pre-arrangement services. Pre-paid money is placed in an interest-bearing trust or top-rated insurance company, where it safely grows and awaits the time of need. Pre-funding protects you and your family from inflation, and prevents the burden of paying for your funeral from falling upon your family. Pre-planning allows you to determine all aspects of your funeral, reflecting your lifestyle, preferences, hobbies and budget.

We offer three cremation packages, and one is sure to meet your needs. All come with transportation from the place of death within a 50 mile radius, the procurement of all needed authorizations, certificates and permits and the alternative container that is required for the cremation. We have a direct cremation package that lacks a viewing or ceremony. There is a package for families looking for traditional funeral services to precede the cremation. There is also a package for those who seek a memorial service for their loved one, which occurs after the cremation has taken place.

Lifesong Funerals & Cremations has the greatest respect for U.S. veterans, and offers special arrangements for those who served in the Armed Forces. They offer Tallahassee residents the opportunity to donate their worn American flags for proper retirement by placing it in the cremation container of a deceased veteran. The flag will be honorably draped over the veteran before being cremated to recognize their selfless service.