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Carrabelle, FL

Funeral Homes and Cremation Services in Carrabelle, FL

Lifesong Funerals & Cremations provides a peaceful and lovely environment in which to honor a loved one to those living in Carrabelle, FL. The funeral directors there offer the highest-quality services when arranging a funeral or memorial service for your departed. They also make the best in memorial merchandise and services available to today’s price-conscious families.

Funerals are important gatherings that accomplish several tasks. They formally acknowledge the loss of a life, pay tribute to the deceased, provide an opportunity for family and friends to express their grief and exchange comfort and support and they initiate the healing process. A funeral service can be obtained by families regardless of whether they choose to inter or cremate a loved one. A preceding visitation can also be planned featuring either an open or closed casket.

For those who select cremation as the means of dealing with the physical remains of a loved one, a memorial service, though typically more informal, serves the same functions that a funeral does. A memorial gathering typically centers on the urn, perhaps with a recent picture of the departed and a floral arrangement. This ceremony can be held in a unique setting and at the date and time of the family’s choosing. This allows for more flexibility when dealing with the various schedules of the mourners. It also gives the family more time to plan the ceremony.

We help you to memorialize your loved one by providing products that accomplish this goal. One of the memorial services we offer is the creation of a tribute video in honor of your deceased. Photographs of your loved one with his or her family and friends are skillfully blended with amazing graphic imagery and lovely music, resulting in an emotion-evoking cinematic video that can serve as a crucial part of the funeral or memorial ceremony. After the service has been conducted, the video can be treasured as a family keepsake. We also make copies of the video to distribute to friends and relatives as gifts.

In addition to a touching video, we feature Life Tributes memorial bookmarks, prayer cards, folders and service programs. These are special because they can be customized with a cherished photo, poem or book passage. You can give these to the attendees so that they all can have a keepsake that is a caring reminder of your loved one.

We also have online memorial tributes free with all of our burial and cremation packages. Newspaper obituaries are all but obsolete, and we have taken the new trend further than anyone else. Our memorial sites are more than just places to view family photographs and videos. They are Web 2.0 tools for staying connected to friends and relatives in your loved one’s memory.