Honoring Life

Celebrating your loved one’s accomplishments and the relationship you shared is essential to the healing process.

the Relationship IS CENTRAL

Celebrating your loved one’s life shows that you value the relationship you had. We would be honored to assist you in deciding how to best commemorate that bond and the special person that you have lost. We can offer you suggestions to supplement your tribute ideas. By working together, we will craft a fitting and meaningful ceremony. Please contact us today to discuss the ways in which your loved one can be memorialized.

Tribute Videos

Please give us your family photographs so that we can combine them with lovely graphic imagery and inspiring music to create an emotional cinematic video. This can serve as a central part of the funeral or memorial service for your loved one. When the ceremony is over, the video can be treasured as a family keepsake. Also, we can duplicate the video to make gifts for friends and relatives.


The Life Tributes memorial bookmarks, prayer cards, folders and service programs that we offer can all be personalized by including a cherished photo, poem or passage. Life Tributes provides us with incredible variety, and this allows us to add an individualized and loving aspect to your service. This gives your guests a keepsake that they can treasure in memory of your loved one.


Traditional newsprint obituaries are rapidly becoming things of the past. Today, they have been largely replaced by memorial websites. We have taken this trend to the extreme by going beyond assembling family pictures and videos. Our memorial sites are Web 2.0 tools that can be used to connect with friends and family in remembrance of your loved one. Please take a tour to see for yourself their ability to celebrate relationships, commemorate a life and make a record of the shared love.

Learn More about Honoring Your Loved One

By combining your intimate knowledge of your loved one with our many years of experience, we will design the perfect funeral or memorial service for your departed. When you are ready to discuss your options or if you have questions about the services we provide, please call us at 1-850-627-1111 or contact us via email.