Why Should I Plan Ahead?

Why Should I Plan Ahead?

Pre-planning consists of contemplating and writing down the final arrangements that you desire. It is a compassionate gift to your loved ones, and a means of reducing your worries about the future. Once you have completed your plan, you can enjoy life more, secure in the knowledge that your plan is in the safe-keeping of trusted friends or family.


When you think about it, you will see that pre-planning makes certain that your desires are known. Once the plans are recorded, they can be enacted at the time of need.

Planning your funeral in advance is a simple process. There are no health questions to answer, no medical exams required nor any need to wait for return documentation. Everyone has the ability to pre-plan, and when the plan is done, we keep it safely on file in our office. Your family will be clear about your wishes and be freed from making very personal decisions for you at the time of your passing. Pre-paid plans protect your family from the costly effects of inflation because our prices are guaranteed as soon as your plan is paid for in full.



No, you do not have to pre-pay in order to pre-plan your funeral. You may simply commit your plans to paper and leave the expenses of your end-of-life wishes for your family to pay. However, by pre-funding your plan, you protect yourself and your loved ones from inflation. This makes certain that your final arrangements will be covered at the time of need. When you decide to pre-fund your funeral, your monies are placed in a state-approved trust or top-rated insurance company until they are required. As aforementioned, once your pre-plan is completely paid for, we guarantee our prices. You will never be charged more for the things that you have already paid for. Additionally, your pre-plan follows you. Regardless of where you live at the time of your demise or which funeral home you choose to use, your plan is transferable to any funeral home in America.  

Why Pre-Plan with Lifesong Funerals & Cremations?

When you pre-plan with us, you can rest assured that your desired arrangements will be followed. This keeps the burden of making personal and difficult decisions on your behalf from falling upon your family. Already they will be undergoing emotional distress and this will protect them from this additional stress.

By pre-funding your plan, we promise that your expenses will be covered at the time they arise. We offer a number of payment options, and one is very likely to meet your needs. Please come in today to choose the payment option that is most appropriate for your circumstances.

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