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Quincy, FL

Funeral Homes and Cremation Services in Quincy, FL

The staff of Lifesong Funerals& Cremations is dedicated to honoring your loved one and the relationship you shared. They assist you in deciding how best to pay tribute to your departed and celebrate that bond. They offer suggestions to supplement your ideas for commemoration. Working together with the funeral professionals at Lifesong Funerals& Cremations, a fitting and memorable event will be held in honor of your deceased loved one. They are proud to serve the residents of Quincy, FL.

Although it might be tempting to take the simplest route in dealing with your loved one’s passing, grief experts are in agreement that a service or ceremony is needed to properly heal from your loss. Assembling friends and family allows them the opportunity to exchange memories of your loved one, express their sadness and get needed support. Regardless of whether you choose a burial or cremation, the need to formally acknowledge the demise and pay tribute to the deceased is there. These things can be accomplished by a traditional funeral or the more informal memorial gathering. We provide families with a serene environment in which to come together and pay homage to the deceased. Families may also choose another setting in which that takes place. By choosing a memorial service, the family is able to choose the date that the event occurs, allowing for more time to plan and increased flexibility in accommodating the schedules of mourners. 

Part of the memorial services provided by Lifesong Funerals & Cremations is the creation of a tribute video. Treasured family photographs are artfully combined with inspiring graphics and musical accompaniment, resulting in a sophisticated and meaningful cinematic video. This can be a vital element of the funeral or memorial ceremony that you have for your loved one. After the service has concluded, the video will very likely become a cherished family keepsake. Duplicates can be made to serve as gifts to friends and relatives.

Lifesong Funerals & Cremations also provide other forms of memorial merchandise. Bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards and folders can be customized by featuring a favorite picture, poem or excerpt. This incorporates a loving uniqueness into your service, providing those in attendance with a keepsake that helps keep the memory of your loved one alive. Additionally, Lifesong Funerals & Cremations provides memorial websites that are Web 2.0 tools for connecting with family and friends in remembrance of your loved one.