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Panama, FL

Funeral Homes and Cremation Services in Panama City, FL

Lifesong Funerals & Cremations offers Panama City, FL the highest quality final arrangements. Our funeral directors expertly design personalized funeral services and memorial ceremonies. Services of commemoration are exceedingly important to the healing process. In addition, we assist families with interment and cremation. We feature an on-site crematorium, so your loved one never leaves our compassionate care. Please note that a visitation and funeral are available to families even when cremation is selected.

A memorial gathering can be planned for any time following the cremation of your deceased. This will allow you all the time necessary to arrange a fitting, meaningful and memorable event. There is also the opportunity for guests who are visiting from greater distances to find more affordable travel arrangements and lodgings. Since a memorial service does not include the casketed remains of your loved one, you can host it from the location of your choice. You can pick from a favorite restaurant, beach, park, reception hall, your place of residence or even a mountaintop. Often, families choose to display the cremated remains of the deceased at the tribute with flowers and a recent picture of him or her. A memorial service is less formal than a traditional funeral, and you can feel free to theme it based on a hobby, sport or lifestyle your loved one enjoyed.

We strongly urge you not to underestimate the healing power of a funeral or memorial service. They allow the bereaved to pay their final respects and wish the departed farewell. They are a forum for accepting and expressing emotions and finding comfort and support. They also assist people in recognizing that death is final and comes to us all. They showcase the accomplishments and personality of the deceased and are the ideal environment to share loving memories. We would be honored to assist you in creating a tribute to your loved one that honors their individuality, relationships and unique spirit.